Employee and Community Health

Every year, we organize health promotion activities to enhance the knowledge of our employees on health-related issues.

In 2020, we carried out the “Passport for Health” campaign at OMV Petrom for the fifth time. This campaign aims to raise awareness of health care to encourage employees to participate in voluntary health programs and to start living a healthy lifestyle.

At the Health Circle in Gänserndorf, Austria, employees gather regularly to address work-related health issues and create customized solutions in collaboration with the local health team. In 2020, the virtual gathering was dominated by COVID-19. The main issues discussed were how to communicate and implement preventive measures as well as potential topics for voluntary health examinations in 2021.

OMV maintains or works with a total of 35 medical units at all locations where we have operating facilities. To mitigate occupational health risks, our medical staff carries out specific preventive examinations in accordance with the legal regulations of the countries in which we operate. These exams include blood tests for employees working with specific hazardous substances and hearing tests for employees exposed to noise. We offer general health screenings to our workforce. In addition, we run seasonal campaigns to provide free vaccinations against flu and tick-borne encephalitis in affected areas. In 2020, 33,683 voluntary health screenings, 6,797 vaccinations, 82,905 medical consultations, and 155,187 occupational health examinations were performed and/or organized by OMV medical staff.

Medizinisches Personal der OMV

The presence of OMV first aid facilities benefits the local population, as it often provides necessary medical help in remote areas where medical services might not be easily accessible quickly (particularly in Yemen and Kazakhstan). In 2020, OMV first aid facilities supported around 843 individuals in the local population in need of urgent care. From this perspective, our assistance to the local population provides a positive impact outside OMV’s operational boundaries, thereby contributing to building a good relationship with our neighbors.