Skills Management and Employee Development

Talent Acquisition

The Corporate Strategy 2025 stipulates further growth and internationalization.

OMV is committed to building and retaining talent for international and integrated growth. Internally, we are focusing on job rotations, promotions, and skill development to tackle the challenges and focus on innovative solutions to enhance our workforce. Externally, we are focusing on building robust talent pipelines through cooperation with key universities. In addition, OMV is currently offering internships and apprentice programs at both our refinery in Schwechat and our Upstream operations site in Gänserndorf, mainly focused on technical and commercial aspects of our business.

In order to ensure consistent quality in the recruitment process, we have introduced an online satisfaction survey, which is conducted quarterly among our business managers participating in the recruiting process.

Career Development

Effective succession planning contributes to managing business continuity risk by ensuring the preservation of human capital – OMV’s most valuable asset. “Personal Impact x Potential” is an evaluation tool used to provide structural feedback in performance reviews and in succession planning. Managers evaluate their employees on Personal Impact and Potential and identify successors for business-critical positions. Based on this, an employee’s development plan is created to improve the skills needed for his or her future role. We have developed Company-wide career paths that outline the experience and skills required for a position.

One of the People Strategy priorities is to strengthen leadership capabilities. We aim to ensure that our leaders continually grow and develop. In 2020, more than 200 leaders have participated in one of our Group-wide leadership programs. These programs are designed to support both those employees who take on new leadership roles as well as current leaders who want to upgrade their basic knowledge on how to lead people.

On a more personal level, we offer mentoring to provide employees with guidance on key career issues. In 2020,
94 OMV senior leaders at the Board, executive, and advanced levels provided mentoring services to 130 emerging, rising, and top talents across OMV. OMV strives for competitive compensation and benefits packages.

Rewards and Performance Management

OMV strives to maintain a uniform organizational structure that provides clarity and transparency with regard to responsibilities and the hierarchical classification of positions.

We continuously monitor market trends and international best practices in order to attract, motivate, and retain the best-qualified talent around the world. Long-term employment relationships are what we strive for. We encourage salary equality at all career stages, for example, by setting up standardized salaries for entry-level employees that are reviewed each year in line with the local market situation.

Additionally, we ensure a fair and objective evaluation of positions that is consistent across all divisions and countries through a clearly defined methodology and process. The outcome of the evaluation is the basis of the remuneration decision for every employee.

At OMV, we aim to optimize employee performance through our Principles-led culture. To unlock an employee’s full potential, we look at what we do and how we do it. Both aspects are important when we set our performance and development goals, review our progress, evaluate our achievements, and ultimately are rewarded and recognized annually. The purpose of our annual review process is to support our employees and managers through structured, systematic planning of performance and personal development within the Company.

The general rules for the remuneration of the Executive Board are described in the Remuneration Policy, and the individual remuneration of the Executive Board members is fully disclosed in the Corporate Governance Report and in the Remuneration Report drafted from the 2020 financial year onward. (For more information on the Executive Board remuneration and on the compensation of and benefits for OMV employees, see the OMV website.)

Recognition Program

Employees can give and receive three types of awards as a token of appreciation for their colleagues’ accomplishments:

  • OMV Excellence Award: provides recognition for outstanding results and significant impact in connection with strategic projects or business transactions. The Executive Board discusses and selects the best projects and initiatives that have the greatest impact on the success of the Company in a quarterly calibration.
  • Job Excellence Award: recognizes employees for exceptional performance that goes beyond the usual job requirements
  • Principle in Action Award: provides instant recognition to an individual for being a role model and living by our Foundation Principles, which reinforces our desired culture of performance and cooperation

We highly encourage employees to pursue continuing education to further enhance their various skills. Employees identify their learning needs through a mixture of localized training matrices. These assist them in creating development-oriented action plans linked to career paths, competencies, and professional goals.

The four key competencies in which we encourage our employees to further develop are functional and technical skills, business skills related to effective work in the OMV Group, personal skills, and leadership skills.


Our functional and technical training focuses on maintaining a skilled and capable workforce. This training is planned and delivered annually in line with our workforce requirements.

We encourage the use of online resources for training. The expansion of our online learning content enables employees to access more consistent training content and enhances its accessibility on a global level. We therefore see continued growth in the use of online courses and online materials in 2020. Furthermore, due to the COVID-19 situation, we have paid special attention to virtual training delivery. We not only switched many of our face-to-face courses to webinars but also offered comprehensive support to our internal trainers and participants on how to attend online classes. This enabled us to provide a comprehensive selection of learning and development offers once again in 2020. At the end of the year, we are proud to report that we were able to keep the participation rate as high as in the previous year.

However, learning on the job remains an important element in employee development and training. We encourage employees to learn on the job, where they can apply their professional or educational skills to the specifics of OMV business and culture. Our 70:20:10 approach gives the importance of learning on the job a weighting of 70, learning from others a weighting of 20, and learning from training a weighting of 10.

1 All training data excluding Borealis