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The objective of OMV’s security activities is to protect the OMV Group’s personnel, assets, information, operations, value, and reputation against any intentional or malicious threats. An unstable geopolitical environment in 2020, combined with complex and enduring regional conflicts resulted in Corporate Security’s emphasis remaining on OMV’s assets located in the Middle East and North Africa. In addition to the challenges of operating securely in Yemen, Tunisia, and Libya, the enduring threat of terrorist attacks in Europe and elsewhere never diminished. Political extremism, organized crime, and the increasing convergence of cyber risks with physical threats ensured the Corporate Security department’s continued focus on a robust yet flexible security strategy to enable OMV to continue operating in dynamic environments such as this with converging asymmetric threats.

The philosophy of using information and protective intelligence as a preventive security instrument remains a fundamental principle of the Corporate Security strategy. It affords the ability to anticipate or instantly respond to a broad spectrum of geopolitical events, regional conflicts, or isolated incidents. Effective interaction with government agencies also augments this approach with the reliable corroboration of facts.

OMV’s unique Security Risk Assessment Platform provides real-time oversight of OMV asset risk exposure levels and can be quickly readjusted in response to geopolitical or security events.

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The Integrated Travel Security Platform incorporates all OMV ventures and individual travelers and is used to monitor all international and domestic business travel for security-related events. Mitigation procedures and evacuation contingencies are adapted or activated depending on known or emerging threats.

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The system proved invaluable during the early containment phases of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Corporate Security was immediately able to manage and, where required, restrict travel to specific countries as infections spread there or they became subject to international travel restrictions. Effective utilization of the platform was fundamental in the proactive relocation of employees and families from countries where medical care was seriously compromised by the pandemic.

OMV Corporate Security also utilizes a comprehensive range of security regulations, plans, procedures, measures, and systems as part of a Security Management Standard. This document utilizes best practice guidelines and other industry best practice (ASIS and Security Institute) to enable OMV to more effectively detect, deter, protect, prevent, record, and investigate threats.

All of the above platforms and components form a unique, agile, and proven Security Management System that is regularly reviewed, changed, or enhanced as the situation requires.

In 2020, the Security team at corporate level continued to deliver operational support to OMV ventures. In addition, in high-risk countries, we have dedicated Country Security Managers and Asset Protection Experts on site to add additional expertise. As the business continues to evolve in the Middle East and Africa region, this will remain an enduring commitment for 2021.

OMV’s human rights policies and actions remain crucial in terms of security. Effective community engagement at a local level is a powerful security mitigation measure in regions experiencing conflict or instability. In high-risk countries, OMV’s local security and community engagement strategies are tightly integrated, promoting effective policies, mutual respect, and transparency with all local stakeholders. They, in turn, directly contributed to OMV’s stable and secure operating environment in 2020. This cooperation encourages a precautionary approach in early detection and resolution of local grievances.

Our employees responsible for security management constitute part of the target group of the human rights training target that forms part of the Sustainability Strategy 2025. (For more information, see Human Rights Training.)

COVID-19 Support in Yemen

Due to COVID-19 pandemic health and travel restrictions, OMV Security’s ability to enable business initiatives in high-risk or semi-permissible environments has been understandably limited. In the second quarter of 2020, and despite the ongoing conflict and Saudi coalition air traffic restrictions, OMV Security teams in Yemen facilitated the delivery of critical medical supplies for the local governate of Shabwa by charter aircraft.

Years of ongoing conflict in Yemen have driven the country’s health system to near collapse. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, international organizations warned that, without humanitarian support, this pandemic would be disastrous for the Yemeni population. OMV responded to this call and provided much-needed support to increase the treatment capacity of Yemen’s health services. OMV donated COVID-19-related medical equipment and medical supplies, including hospital and beds, ventilators, and associated equipment. Additionally, our donation included disinfectant and personal protective equipment () for medical workers.

Given the complexity of both the fighting and the COVID-19 pandemic in Yemen, this was a great logistical achievement. The medical equipment, consumables, ICU beds, and medicines were delivered directly to the Al Māfūd Hospital in the Arma district of the Shabwa governate, where OMV Block S2 is located. As required, OMV Yemen security teams also provide a secure environment to enable safe PCR/COVID-19 testing of local communities who live and work in the immediate vicinity of the Block, especially during routine crew changes.

SDG targets: 3.3 By 2030, end the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and neglected tropical diseases and combat hepatitis, water-borne diseases and other communicable diseases; 3.d Strengthen the capacity of all countries, in particular developing countries, for early warning, risk reduction and management of national and global health risks

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