Diversity and Inclusion

OMV is committed to its diversity strategy focusing on gender equality and internationality. Diversity is an enormous strength that we are actively leveraging by creating diversity-based business value. It has therefore become a strategically important goal with two measurable targets in our Sustainability Strategy 2025: gender equality and internationality. The focus on diversity is one of the key pillars of our People Strategy, which has been defined under the strategic priority of leadership as “Inspiring leaders – building high-performing, diverse teams.” To achieve this goal, we have embedded diversity targets into our people processes, such as recruitment, talent and succession planning, learning, and leadership development. We continuously monitor gender, age, employee background, seniority, and salary equality to ensure fair treatment and equal opportunities at all career levels. At the same time, we strive to continuously develop new initiatives and measures that cultivate a culture of diversity and equal opportunity at OMV.

Sustainability Strategy 2025 Targets

  • Increase share of women at management level  1 Management level: executives and advanced career level to 25% by 2025
  • Keep high share of executives 2 Executives are defined as Senior Vice Presidents with international experience 3 International experience: equal to or greater than three years of living and working abroad at 75%

Status 2020

  • Share of women at management level: 20.7% 4 Data excludes the following legal entities: Borealis Group, Gas Connect Austria GmbH, Avanti GmbH, and DUNATÀR Köolajtermék Tároló és Kereskedelmi Kft.
  • Executives with international experience: 76% 435

Action Plan to Achieve the Targets

In 2020, we defined a joint action plan between business functions and the department to strengthen diversity throughout our organization by:

  • Engaging and raising awareness through specific actions and initiatives to support professional progress for female employees
  • Diversity Network: a self-organized Group-wide network that raises awareness of specific needs, provides support, and builds a strong network within the Company
  • Maintaining and improving a work environment that helps female employees be their best by supporting work-life balance and parenthood
  • Offering, in some countries, OMV daycare, summer camps, flexitime, home office, 16 flexible part-time models, “stay connected” guide, job sharing
  • Providing tailored trainings and information to leaders and employees to ensure gender balance at OMV
  • Unconscious bias e-learning course, advanced mentoring for women, and female leadership development program SHEnergy.
  • Career Aspiration Talks to make our female talents more visible and through this to also strengthen our pipeline of future female leaders
  • Encouraging leaders to create an inclusive work environment; unconscious bias is covered in our leadership programs
  • Including the criteria of internationality in the assessment of candidates in the process of executive recruiting

Looking forward, in 2021, we are planning additional events, such as speaker series based on diversity success stories and a New Parent coaching program where new parents gain further information on parental leave and future career and financial planning.

SDG targets: 5.5 Ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and public life; 10.2 By 2030, empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status

Share of Women at Management Level

OMV has committed itself to supporting the advancement of women in management positions. The strategic objective is to achieve the best diversity mix at management level. By 2025, we aim to increase the proportion of women in management positions from 20.7% to 25%.

Considering the fact that we operate in an industry with a strong technical focus, it is particularly challenging for OMV to achieve a balanced gender ratio in all areas of business activity. The proportion of women in the Group as a whole amounts to 25%.

We support increasing the proportion of women in senior management positions through a range of initiatives, such as mentoring, succession planning, specific trainings, and our recruitment policy. Initiatives to increase work-life flexibility and country-specific programs, such as company daycare and summer camps for school kids, facilitate the balance between work and family life.


To encourage gender diversity, our recruitment policy reflects our commitment to promoting equal opportunities: At least one female candidate is included in every shortlist for each position. Internationality, another focus of our diversity strategy, is integrated into the recruitment process by highlighting the advantage of recruiting candidates with professional international experience.

Gender is one of the diversity criteria we apply when selecting members of the Supervisory Board and of the Executive Board. In 2020, we appointed a female Chief Commercial Officer, Elena Skvortsova, to the Executive Board. (For additional information, see the Annual Report 2020.)

Succession Planning

Our diversity targets are also embedded in succession planning, with a preference for female candidates when identifying top talent. We recently introduced Career Aspiration Talks to make our women more visible and thereby also strengthen our pipeline of future female leaders.


To achieve this goal, we anchored diversity in leadership expectations and in all leadership initiatives. In OMV’s leadership development programs, the proportion of women was 42% in 2020 (26% in 2019). 5 All training data excluding Borealis Our development activities include, for example, mentoring for female leaders and specific trainings on unconscious bias and decision-making. In 2020, we introduced the pilot for our new female leadership program, SHEnergy, focused on the personal advancement and leadership development of future and current female leaders.

We support women in technical training at the early pre-professional stage. The proportion of women in OMV’s Upstream graduate development program for technical skill pools was 31% in 2020 (27% in 2019).

Executives With International Experience

International experience is a key requirement for becoming a leader at OMV. We plan and encourage more international experiences for our future leaders through an increased focus on measuring leadership potential and succession planning in our People Review processes. (For more information, see Career Development.)

1 Management level: executives and advanced career level

2 Executives are defined as Senior Vice Presidents

3 International experience: equal to or greater than three years of living and working abroad

4 Data excludes the following legal entities: Borealis Group, Gas Connect Austria GmbH, Avanti GmbH, and DUNATÀR Köolajtermék Tároló és Kereskedelmi Kft.

5All training data excluding Borealis

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