Business Ethics Training

It is of strategic importance for us to make sure that every single employee is fully aware of our ethical values and principles. This mission is one of the targets of our Sustainability Strategy 2025.

In 2020, OMV fostered an exchange of information between the central Group Compliance department and the appointed local compliance officers. This included trainings with a focus on risks that were identified due to the local compliance officers’ past reporting and experience.

Business ethics training includes training of employees in dealing with invitations, gifts, and potential conflicts of interest. In addition, the employees are trained on the topics of donations and sponsorships as well as the requirements for dealing with intermediaries and lobbyists.

The online training for business ethics is aimed at all employees of the OMV Group and the OMV Petrom Group, while the participants in the classroom training courses are selected according to risk-specific criteria, such as work in the Sales or Procurement department. They are invited to attend in the course of a three-year training cycle.

The training on antitrust law we provide concentrates on the rules for dealing with competitors, customers, and suppliers. Employees are also trained on conduct in markets where OMV has a market-controlling role. An overview of existing sanction rules and trade bans rounds out the content of the training.

The participants in the online and face-to-face training sessions are selected and invited to participate in the course of the three-year training cycle according to risk-specific criteria.

All target groups are defined at the beginning of the training cycle based on the existing organization. Organizational and personnel changes during a training cycle are continuously adjusted and taken into account.

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