COVID-19 Response

The spread of COVID-19 required a lot of effort from all of us, especially from the medical workforce of OMV and OMV Petrom, to help our organization best cope with its impact. OMV has had a Pandemic Preparedness Standard and was thus well prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic. Since its development, the Pandemic Preparedness Standard has been updated regularly and integrated into our overall Business Continuity Standards.

Due to this preparatory work, well-developed pandemic plans, and a ready supply of masks, OMV was able to quickly introduce measures to protect our employees at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Corporate Health and local medical providers supported teams and management with evidence-based information on the spread of the infection and on preventive measures, prepared virtual information sessions, and helped infected people find the best possibilities for treatment. Collaboration with other oil and gas companies in the / Health Committee helped us learn from best practices on specific issues like the most effective testing regimes for employees working in remote areas.

Empty room with ICU beds and ventilators (photo)

Very soon it became obvious that the virus was not only harmful to the immune system and body, but to mental health as well. Isolation due to working from home and uncertainty lead to anxiety, sleep disorders, and other mental health problems. For this reason, psychological help lines were set up to address these needs as well. We also offered virtual sessions on specific COVID-19 information, ergonomics, physical movement, and healthy nutrition.

We also supported our communities during the pandemic by donating medical equipment such as beds and ventilators. For more information, see Community Investments and the case study in Yemen under Corporate Security.

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