The well-being and physical and mental health of our employees are the foundations for a successful company. We have established a Group-wide health care standard to ensure a high level of care for our employees’ health across the Company. The standard includes preventive initiatives, such as targeted health promotion campaigns, a systematic assessment of health risk mitigation, and curative care.

Health management at OMV is both a strategic and an operational system. Its success depends on leadership, commitment, and participation at all levels and functions in the organization, and on the part of medical specialists and partners as well as employees. The OMV Group Standard for Health describes the main principles, roles and responsibilities, and lines of communication within the OMV Group. The standard provides a framework for managing preventive health measures and curative health care as well as collaboration among specialists.

The standard regulates the work of operative medical service providers in relation to providers in the following areas:

  • Planning of human resources, medical facilities and services, and local health plans
  • Implementation of operational health risk assessment and management, emergency preparedness, health programs and trainings
  • Checks and audits of medical suppliers (laboratories, partner clinics, pharmacies), hygiene in food facilities, customer satisfaction
  • Reporting
  • Collaboration with contractors and subcontractors on health and safety

For example, in the health care standard we have defined the minimum equipment and materials for our clinics – both on land and offshore – like electrocardiograms (), defibrillators, suction units, rescue devices, and emergency medication. It also supplements local legal requirements, allowing us to establish a harmonized level of health care services and access to medical facilities at all OMV sites. OMV applies its own risk management standard including a thorough assessment of possible risks, including health-related risks. We have therefore developed guidelines – based on international guidelines from / – for health risk assessment that cover such health risks as harm from chemical agents, psychological strain, physical injuries, and others.

A special health audit program developed by the Corporate Health Management department serves as an evaluation tool to ensure that our common corporate health care standard is implemented and followed throughout the Group. The program stipulates that all clinics and medical partners be audited every three years, and clinics also report on a self-conducted audit every year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only one country and one clinic could be audited directly in 2020. 49 clinics in 19 countries reported on self-performed audit results. 1 All health data excluding Borealis Audit results serve as the basis for identifying areas for further improvement and analyzing the effectiveness of our health management approach.

1 All health data excluding Borealis.

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