Public Policy

OMV strives to earn stakeholders’ confidence by implementing a high standard of corporate governance, transparency, and predictability. OMV has therefore pledged to comply with the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance, and, in this context, through its Code of Business Ethics forbids any support of political parties, including donations. Accordingly, we made no political donations in 2020.

We follow political and regulatory initiatives (at both and national levels) in our areas of interest, including energy, the environment, climate change, trade, and others. OMV has a dedicated Public Affairs department. We are fully in line with all reporting obligations at the national and EU levels, and we are fully compliant with all transparency requirements.

As part of our commitment to transparency on climate action, OMV aims to report not only its own position and action on climate change but also the position of the industry associations in which OMV is a member. A review process was established in early 2020 to ensure that the main associations in which OMV is a member also support the Paris Agreement. Twelve key industry association memberships were reviewed in 2020 to determine whether OMV’s memberships remain appropriate. OMV is continuously monitoring this issue and will report on it annually going forward. Our 2020 report can be found on our website.

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