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We know that it is the combined 20,600 employees of OMV who turn the Group’s strategy into results and success. We are proud of what we have achieved together. Trust and pride in the organization fuel our employees’ energy and determination to tackle challenges and to focus on innovative solutions to make us even stronger.

OMV’s People & Culture Strategy

We developed a Group-wide People & Culture Strategy, which fully supports the transformation of OMV. At the core of the People & Culture Strategy is our purpose, i.e., “Re-inventing essentials for sustainable living” and four strategic drivers:

  • Employee Experience
  • Growing Talent
  • Organizational Evolution
  • New Ways of Working

Highlights of 2023

Following the announcement of the OMV Group’s Strategy 2030, all Human Resources (HR) functions Group-wide were renamed People & Culture (P&C) in 2022. The aim of this department is to fully support the OMV Group’s Strategy 2030 by prioritizing key aspects that enable us to unlock our organization’s full potential.

In March 2022, our Group-wide purpose, “Re-inventing essentials for sustainable living,” was launched. In support of our purpose, in May 2023 we launched our new OMV Group Values “We care | We’re curious | We progress.” Our Values were defined based on the contributions of more than 13,000 employees and leaders from across OMV, OMV Petrom, and Borealis during a series of interactions, including the Pulse Check survey, leadership interviews, mass focus groups, and workshops, where a feedback tool based on artificial intelligence was used.

To ensure the transformation of OMV will be a success, we need to adapt our current methods to fit our new aspirations. By building on our capability, we are reinventing how we lead as well as our way of working. Therefore, linked to our Purpose and Values, we implemented Group-wide Transformational Leadership Competencies (TLCs) in 2023. Our TLCs define our expectations of our leaders and complete our transformational framework to successfully drive the implementation of our strategy. The four TLCs for all leaders across the Group are “Lead self,” “Grow people,” “Drive change,” and “Deliver impact.”

In September 2023, we ran our annual Group-wide Pulse Check survey for the second time as part of our employee engagement strategy, achieving an 82% participation rate, which represents a substantial 12% increase from 2022. The results showed an increase in all dimensions, with visible positive impact in key focus areas, including 69% on the understanding of our new Values. Conclusions and subsequent actions were agreed within business units by year-end and Q1 in 2024 for implementation in 2024.

Based on the Pulse Check results from 2022, a key focus was on enhancing transparency, accessibility, and collaboration within our organization. By promoting an environment of open communication and teamwork, we strive to break down silos and ensure transparency. In order to achieve that, all leaders were asked to hold meetings with their teams to further explain the OMV Strategy 2030 and encourage dialogue.

In 2023, we updated our leadership programs with our new Values and Transformational Leadership Competencies, which were designed to support both those employees who take on new management roles and current leaders who want to upgrade their basic knowledge of leadership. For identified talents at executive level, our dedicated Leading Ahead top talent program focusing on enhancing executive leadership skills was continued, as was our program for women in leadership positions. In terms of graduate development, we offered the second tailored graduate program in Fuels & Feedstock and continued with our long-standing Integrated Graduate Development (IGD) program in the Energy segment.

We were able to expand our learning opportunities through initiatives such as the Sustainability Academy, which was launched and offers our employees an ever-growing selection of curated learning material about sustainability-related topics. This supports our employees in expanding their knowledge on topics and provides them with a foundation that is needed to understand their role in our journey to net zero. Focus topics for 2023 were ESG, Climate Change, Circular Economy, Sustainable Products, and Human Rights.

To support the upskilling of technical employees, we offered specific training initiatives, for example training on low-carbon energy, geothermal, decision quality, and data science.

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In 2024, we plan to introduce our new Employer Value Proposition (EVP). This will serve as a statement or framework that outlines what OMV stands for as an employer. It will highlight the unique qualities and benefits that we offer to our employees. Moreover, it will help us attract and engage potential candidates who align with our purpose and our OMV Group Values, and the opportunities we provide.

Following the rollout of our Transformational Leadership Competencies in 2023, a transformation leadership program will be offered, reflecting our new Values and enabling leaders to develop their leadership style.


In 2023, the OMV Group continued its commitment to fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within the organization. Building on the foundation laid in 2022 with the launch of the Group-wide DEI strategy for 2030, the OMV Group took significant steps to further embed these principles in its corporate culture.

The OMV Group further strengthened its DEI strategy by establishing a governance framework in 2023. The structure includes five volunteer-based workstreams, led by employees across OMV, OMV Petrom, and Borealis. These dedicated workstreams focus on gender, generations, parenting/caregiving, people with disabilities, and LGBTQI+ inclusion, thus ensuring holistic representation.

Our focus on diversity is also being actively nurtured throughout the organization today, supported by a range of training sessions, activities, and awareness campaigns. Throughout the International Women’s Week, themed #EmbraceEquity, two impactful events emphasized the distinction between equality and equity. We also received the “Family-Friendly Employer” award, underscoring dedication to work-life balance. A disability roadmap was developed following an audit by myAbility, an external auditor, with inclusion initiatives like hosting teenagers from a special needs school and participating in the International Day of People with Disabilities. Colleagues at OMV Petrom created a disability brochure, and the Works Council established a community for colleagues with disabilities and carers. Regarding LGBTQI+, the Ally Week in September promoted allyship and understanding through a panel discussion and community lunches. These initiatives demonstrate the OMV Group’s commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and fostering awareness.

OMV is committed to ensuring fair treatment and equal opportunities for all employees and has zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment of any kind. We have developed a Group-wide People & Culture Ethics Guideline, which gives more details on our clear position regarding non-discrimination in the workplace. In accordance with this guideline, we aim to provide Group-wide complaint procedures and investigation principles for any misconduct in this regard.

As a result of these measures, the percentage of women in the Group is about 28% (2022: 27%). A total of 24.4% (2022: 21.6%) of employees in advanced and executive positions are female.

Employee key figures

At the end of 2023, the OMV Group employed 20,592 people. Compared with 2022, the number of employees decreased by 7.7% to 20,592, mainly as a result of the divestment of the Borealis nitrogen business.










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Executives include OMV Senior Vice Presidents, OMV Petrom and Borealis Group Board members

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