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Health, Safety, Security, and Environment

Health, safety, security, and protecting the environment are key values at OMV. The integrity of OMV’s operating facilities, loss prevention, proactive risk management, and environmental protection are essential for attaining OMV’s HSSE mission of “Committed to Zero Harm – Protect People, Environment, and Assets.”

HSSE Strategy

To achieve this mission, the OMV Group’s HSSE Strategy was updated in 2023 to support our company’s safe and sustainable transformation journey. As we become a company with a clear focus on circular economy solutions, we will expand our product portfolio and enter new businesses and markets. This brings with it new cultural perspectives, new technologies, new risks, and the need to meet new customer demands and growing environmental requirements. The HSSE Strategy focuses on the cross-functional goals of strong HSSE commitment and leadership, supplier and contractor management, and enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of HSSE processes. The strategic HSSE goals are:

  • HSSE culture: develop a company culture where HSSE shapes decision-making at every level
  • Contractor management: develop supplier and contractor management capabilities at every level
  • HSSE management system: enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of processes, regulations, and tools
  • Health: improve workability through integrated health management
  • Occupational safety: ensure the safety, physical and mental integrity of people
  • Process safety: maintain a strong focus on traditional risk control while preparing for new technologies
  • Security and resilience: protect personnel, assets, physical information, and our Company’s reputation.
  • Environment: protect people and nature and respect the planetary boundaries (limits of planet Earth)
  • Product stewardship: continuously improve the safety and sustainability of our products throughout their life cycle to contribute to a pollution-free environment