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In 2023, digitalization of our refineries delivered a return of more than EUR 8 mn. For example, 6,000 working hours were saved from digitalizing workflows for operational tasks. In addition, the efficiency and safety of the turnaround activities at the Schwechat and Petrobrazi refineries have increased due to the use of digital visualization and mapping technologies including 2D GIS and 3D models, which help manage the complex interdependencies of turnaround planning and delivery. Next to efficiency and safety benefits, the portfolio of digital initiatives in our refineries contributed to more than 20 kt of CO2 reductions in 2023.

The retail loyalty application delivery rollout was extended to Austria and Bulgaria, and during 2023 doubled its users to 850,000. Loyalty members visit filling stations more often and are more likely to buy premium fuels than non-members. In addition to the charger rollout, the end of 2023 saw the launch of OMV’s eMotion mobile app in Austria. Drivers of electric vehicles now have a user-friendly interface to locate nearby OMV operated charging stations and a wide range of roaming community partners, manage charging sessions, and securely and easily process payments.

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