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4 – Changes in Group structure

A full list of OMV investments and changes in the consolidated group can be found in Note 40 – Direct and indirect investments of OMV Aktiengesellschaft. Major changes to the consolidated Group are described below.

Chemicals & Materials

On July 5, 2023, the sale of the nitrogen business unit in the Borealis Group, including fertilizer, technical nitrogen, and melamine products, to AGROFERT, a.s. was completed, valuing the business on an enterprise value basis at EUR 810 . To reflect the fair value less cost of disposal, based on the Sales Purchase Agreement with AGROFERT, a.s., an impairment of EUR 57 mn was recognized. The impairment is included in the line “Depreciation, amortization, impairments and write-ups” in the consolidated income statement.

Fuels & Feedstock

On June 30, 2023, OMV closed the transaction to sell its shares in OMV Slovenija trgovina z nafto in naftnimi derivati, d.o.o. to the MOL Group. The initial purchase price before customary closing adjustments amounted to EUR 311 mn (for the 92.25% OMV stake). In 2023, the transaction led to a gain recognized in other operating income of EUR 221 .

Cash flow impact of changes in Group structure

Cash flow from investing activities contained an inflow of EUR 661 mn related to the divestment of the Borealis nitrogen business, consisting of EUR 849 mn consideration received less EUR 188 mn cash disposed.

The divestment of OMV’s filling station and wholesale business in Slovenia resulted in an inflow of EUR 272 mn (EUR 276 mn consideration received less EUR 4 mn cash disposed).

Further details are presented in the following tables:

Cash impact from sale of subsidiaries and businesses

In EUR mn




Consideration received


Less cash disposed of


Net cash inflows from disposal of subsidiaries and businesses


Net assets of disposed subsidiaries and businesses

In EUR mn




Non-current assets


Current assets


Non-current liabilities


Current liabilities


Net assets