Consolidated Corporate Governance Report

OMV, as a publicly listed company with its headquarters in Austria, is dedicated to the principles of sound corporate governance and has always sought to comply with best practice in corporate governance to ensure responsible management and control of the OMV Group, a high level of transparency for every stakeholder and, ultimately, the sustainable and long-term creation of value.

Austrian law, the Articles of Association, the Internal Rules for the corporate bodies and the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance () provide the core legal framework for OMV’s corporate governance. OMV adheres to the ACCG issued by the Austrian Working Group for Corporate Governance. The code is publicly accessible at OMV’s compliance with the ACCG was last evaluated externally by independent advisors in 2018. The report on the evaluation is available at and confirms that OMV conformed to all of the compulsory “comply or explain” rules (the “C-rules”) and also all of the recommended rules (the “R-rules”). As for C-rules 27 and 28, explanations concerning the variable remuneration plans are provided in the remuneration report as last year. The next external evaluation is scheduled to be carried out for the 2020 financial year.

For OMV Petrom S.A., a company consolidated in the OMV Group and the shares of which are publicly listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange as well as on the London Stock Exchange, the relevant Corporate Governance Report can be found at

In accordance with the recommendation in the AFRAC opinion on the Corporate Governance Report, the Corporate Governance Report of the parent company and the consolidated Corporate Governance Report are combined in one report.

Austrian Code of Corporate Governance