Exploration and Appraisal Highlights

In 2019, OMV completed the drilling of 13 exploration and appraisal wells 1 in five different countries, eight of which were successful, including one that has already started production.

In Austria, OMV finalized one exploration well in 2019. The drilling of one additional well was still ongoing at year-end and is expected to be finalized in the first quarter 2020.

In Romania, OMV Petrom finalized three exploration wells, two of which discovered gas. The two deep exploration wells Băicoi (finalized in 2018) and Bărbătești (drilled in 2019) will be tested in the first half of 2020. The Totea South well has already been in production since October 2019.

In Tunisia, OMV drilled and successfully tested the Shalbia 1 exploration well in 2019.

In Norway, seven exploration and appraisal wells were finalized, four of which were successful. One highlight was the OMV operated high-pressure, high-temperature Iris appraisal well in the Norwegian Sea. Another appraisal well in the Hades discovery is planned for 2020.

In New Zealand, OMV started a drilling campaign on November 30, 2019. One exploration well was finalized in 2019. This campaign will continue through 2020 with a further three exploration wells planned in the Taranaki Basin and one in the Great South Basin.

OMV participated in two 3D seismic surveys completed in 2019, one in Austria and one in Mexico. In Austria, OMV completed Phase 2 of the Schönkirchen 3D seismic survey in April. The 1,500 study area represents the largest-ever seismic survey in onshore Europe. Initial geological interpretation work is already being carried out. In July, SapuraOMV completed a 3D offshore seismic survey covering an area of 450 km2 offshore Mexico. The consortium plans to drill the first exploration well in 2021. OMV Petrom is currently performing a 3D seismic survey in Romania covering 1,350 km2.

Exploration and appraisal expenditures increased to  360 in 2019 (2018: EUR 300 mn). The increased spend reflects higher activity, an improved success rate, and OMV Petrom’s higher equity share in some Romanian projects.

1 Six of which were operated by OMV.

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