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OMV Upstream explores for and produces oil and gas in its five core regions of Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the North Sea, Russia, and Asia-Pacific. In 2019, daily production was 487 (equal to 177.9 ). While gas output accounted for 57% of total production, oil and flows made up 43%. At year-end 2019, proven reserves amounted to 1.33 boe.

Annual production per country 2019

In kboe/d

Upstream annual production per country in mn boe (world map)
1 On January 31, 2019, OMV acquired a 50% interest in SapuraOMV Upstream Sdn. Bhd. In addition to the Malaysian footprint, SapuraOMV Upstream has exploration assets in New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico.


Downstream Oil (incl. Petrochemicals) operates three refineries in Austria, Germany, and Romania, and holds a 15% share in ADNOC Refining and Trading JV. In 2019, the processing capacity amounted to 24.9 mn (equaling more than 500 ). Furthermore, OMV operates an international multibrand filling station retail network and a high-quality commercial business. Downstream Gas operates across the gas value chain from the wellhead to the burner tip with a fully integrated gas business.1 It includes the Group’s power business activities, with one gasfired power plant in Romania.

Downstream presence in 2019

Downstream presence (world map)
1 OMV’s gas business is operated in strict adherence to the applicable gas unbundling rules.
Thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day
Barrel of oil equivalent
Natural Gas Liquids; natural gas that is extracted in liquid form during the production of hydrocarbons
Metric ton
Thousand barrels per day