• Isabella Hack

    Operator Refinery

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  • Vladislav Arekhov

    Professional Reservoir Engineering OMV Russia

    Gabriele Omassi

    Head of Business Development Downstream Abu Dhabi

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  • Roman Spitzer

    Senior Advisor Digital Subsurface

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  • Michael Sattler

    Head of New Energy Solutions Scouting

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  • Angelika Zartl Klik

    Senior Vice President HSSE & New Energy Solutions

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  • Sara Aldhaheri

    Head of Market & Competitive Intelligence

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  • Amelia Rentzios

    Plant Manager, Maui Production Station

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  • Reinhard Kurz

    Expert Maintenance

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  • Celine Whyte


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  • Leo Lippert & Team

    Vice President Development and Reservoir Engineering

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  • Wan-Yu Sheng

    Professional Sales West

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Isabella Hack upholds the highest safety standards and ensures seamless production processes in her role that includes regular inspections and maintenance at the Schwechat Refinery.

Only a safe workplace is a good workplace: OMV applies its HSSE strategy to prioritize the health and safety of its employees. And this has proven successful, with the severity of incidents at work seeing a sharp decline in 2019. And the tasks that safely buckled-up experts have to do up in the air today will be done by drones in the near future.

Vladislav Arekhov uses cutting-edge modelling tools to forecast the flows of gas and water towards the wells in the Siberian field of Yuzhno Russkoye.

Gabriele Omassi coordinates the OMV Downstream team in Abu Dhabi, supporting ADNOC Refining in Ruwais as it strives for operational improvements and further growth.

From drilling for gas in icy Siberia to refining crude oil in the deserts of Abu Dhabi – as an oil and gas company that is integrated along the entire value chain, OMV is marching towards a bright future. Our well-balanced portfolio of Upstream and Downstream activities serves as a source of strong cash flow, even in a volatile market environment.

Roman Spitzer supports the development and implementation of emerging digital technologies and new ways of working in OMV’s Upstream business, making it even more efficient and more secure.

It’s good when digitalization and technological innovation go hand in hand: that’s why we are accelerating OMV’s digital transformation. After all, that’s the only way to tap into every opportunity for optimal results along the entire value chain – from the efficient search for valuable resources through to their production, processing, refining and sale.

Michael Sattler coordinates the development of business models and strategic partner­­ships for new energy and drive train solutions.

If you want to get off on the right foot in the future, you’ll need a perfect pitstop. That’s why we are turning OMV filling stations into an all-round hub for tomorrow’s road users. With a comprehensive range of services and energy for all current and future drive technologies – from highly efficient gasoline and diesel through to CNG, LNG, electricity, and hydrogen.

Angelika Zartl-Klik works with a highly qualified team on strategies, projects and technologies for a low-carbon future at OMV.

It‘s the footprint that points the way ahead – and that’s why OMV has founded the department New Energy Solutions to develop solutions for a world of lower emissions and reduced CO2. To meet ambitious targets, OMV is applying environmentally sound production methods, circular economies, and the production of green methanol, for example.

Sara Aldhaheri uses market and competition intelligence to form the basis for OMV’s ongoing international growth.

Overcoming boundaries, enhancing performance: we have laid the framework for success with our commitment in the growth regions of Middle East/Africa, Russia, and Asia Pacific. What‘s more, by going international with our successful Downstream business model, we have secured profitable growth options for the future.

Amelia Rentzios is in charge of operations and maintenance in Maui, New Zealand. Together with her strong team, she secures the safe and reliable production and supply of gas and conden­sate to our customers.

Tomorrow belongs to diversity: that’s why OMV’s priorities are clear when it comes to building talented and skilled teams for international and inte­grated growth. Our 2025 goals are corres­pondingly ambitious: increasing the number of women at manage­ment level to 25 percent and maintaining the percentage of managers with international experience at 75 percent.

Reinhard Kurz has worked at OMV for 47 years and manages the test plants for oil production in Gänserndorf.

If you want to succeed, you have to dig deep: OMV is among the best in the world when it comes to using resources from mature fields efficiently. For example, in the mature Matzen field in Austria, we managed to increase the production rate of wells to 55 percent by using innovative technologies. This is practically one-and-a-half times the industry average. This know-how in smart oil recovery makes us an attractive partner on the international stage.

Celine Whyte is one of around 475 trainees per year who work at OMV and might well shape tomorrow’s world of energy.

Unlocking future potential: that’s why OMV has increased its focus on petrochemicals and is refining valuable resources instead of burning them. This creates precursors for valuable products we rely on every day like medicines, automotive parts or hi-fi devices. By shifting our production focus to petrochemicals, we are safeguarding our competitive positioning in the medium and longer term as well as securing sustainable growth.

Fahad Arif, Bansri Raithatha, Leopold Lippert, and Jose Maria Gonzales Rojas work with more than 80 colleagues from over 24 countries on maturing resources into proven reserves. They make use of their expertise in technology, business and economics, geology and petrophysics everyday.

It’s great when diversity becomes a matter of course – it’s already a given with our teams. Every employee has the chance to explore inter­national career opportunities. And because strong cooperation requires different approaches, OMV promotes personal responsibility, individual development and international collaboration.

Wan-Yu Sheng is responsible for product development in sales for the OMV Gas business as well advising on renewable gas and managing the project portfolio.

Secure energy supply for Europe will only be possible now and in the future with gas: as a means of storage, as a partner for renewables in electricity production, and soon also as green methane. Gas will keep the lights on even at night and when the wind is still.

20,000 reasons why we’re excited about tomorrow

The thing that makes OMV stand out across continents and oceans is best illustrated by the 20,000 people who drove the company’s success in 2019. And each and every one of them has a personal reason for being excited about a bright future.

People who work in many corners of the globe, sometimes in the most difficult conditions, to search for precious resources, find, transport and refine them. Whose dedication and ideas maintain our quality of life and freedom of movement, day in, day out. Who work on solutions that will give us the energy to safeguard our future wellbeing at the same time as preserving our planet. People who are proud of delivering the energy for a better life – and being the energy for a better life. We have invited some of them into the spotlight on the following pages. We hope you will join us!