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In 2021, OMV continued its digitization journey. Several digital projects have been implemented, creating immediate value and accelerating our business strategy implementation.

Predictive analytics is an integral part of our refineries and enables OMV to achieve its goals faster. As an example of this, the first phase of predicting the cleaning schedule of heat exchangers went live. This project will generate annual savings of EUR 1.7 mn thanks to data-driven optimization and contribute significantly to our sustainability strategy by preventing carbon emissions totaling 25,000 per year.

Additional projects improved the performance of OMV’s Refining business. These included the digitalization of the shift book to optimize the efficiency of maintenance planning and the visualization of steam cracker assets in a 3D digital twin, which will speed up turnaround activities.

The expected overall benefit of up to EUR 11 mn over the next five years clearly shows that digitalization is already generating tangible value in OMV’s Refining business.

In Marketing, the team kicked off a digital customer journey, which will grow sales and service activities as well as further improve customer experience using the latest Salesforce platform. Combined with a new customer portal as a one-stop shop for all requests, invoices, and orders, we deliver a single platform covering end-to-end customer interactions.

Personalized offers and experiences for our retail customers developed using data-driven insights boosted loyalty growth significantly. In 2021, personalized offers resulted in a 18% spend increase and 75% reduction in the churn rate of OMV’s loyalty program participants.

The new mobile payment concept in retail aims to virtualize the B2B card and move towards a fully digital end-to-end experience to meet the emerging needs of a fast, simple, and secure fuel supply. The integration of this service into the new B2C mobile app will take customer experience to the next level.

The new state-of-the-art digital outdoor payment terminal was launched successfully in seven selected filling stations (five in Romania, one in Austria, and one in Slovenia), which led to reduced waiting time and increased customer satisfaction. A steady growth in number of transactions at the new terminals was registered; almost 25% of all transactions were paid by using the new digital service already.

OMV is a European market pioneer in switching to SAP’s latest enterprise resource planning system, S/4HANA. This is one of the backbones of OMV’s future digitalization activities and sets new standards for data management, business process automation, and digitalization in finance, supply, logistics, refining, sales, and retail.

The automation of business processes replaced approximately 250,000 hours of manual work for total hours freed up valued at over EUR 2.5 mn per year.

Projects applying artificial intelligence unlocked an additional business value of more than EUR 1.2 mn. Examples of such projects include decreased sample testing costs in our refinery laboratories and the prevention of stock shortages as a result of an improved fuel sales forecast in our retail network considering seasonality and COVID-19 effects.

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