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In 2018, the E&P Business Segment announced a vision to become a digital frontrunner in the industry and launched its digitalization initiative – DigitUP. The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of digitalization within the operational processes and has been a catalyst for accelerating the digital transformation around the world. As part of the DigitUP program, E&P continued digitalizing its operations. These activities ranged from AI-driven data analytics in subsurface applications to increasing value-driven decisions and reducing project development time. In addition the use of robotics and remote real-time operation supported systems to increase production and drilling efficiency, while reducing risks at the same time.

In 2021, the DigitUP program portfolio began transitioning from conceptualizing and piloting projects to deploying the technology in our fields, with some 40% of a total of 100+ projects slated for deployment. A dedicated program was established at our largest operated venture, OMV Petrom Romania, to facilitate the arrival of technology at the assets in the field. The digitalization journey is supported by change management activities and continuous cultural and diversity programs throughout the entire OMV Group.

To fully seize the potential of these initiatives, E&P set up a public cloud infrastructure to increase flexibility, security, and performance globally, and equipped our employees with a “future-proofed” skill set to enable a completely new way of working.

In Austria, OMV implemented an AI-driven application that systematically and automatically detects production system underperformance at all levels. It helps with reaching maximum production capacity by making use of data-driven AI modelling. The resulting production gain for OMV’s first asset is estimated at 0.5% per year above the current production level.

A new integrated planning, economics, portfolio, and reserves management system was rolled out to 400 employees in all E&P countries. The solution improves collaboration across functions by way of integrated workflows and consistent data, and supports major E&P business processes for diverse disciplines. Full integration of the application and the seamless flow of data across business functions enables faster, higher-quality calculations.

A cloud-based document record and management system was commissioned at all OMV E&P locations. Over 5 mn business critical documents were secured, allowing the business to collaborate globally across the organization. This has significantly reduced the search time for retrieving information that is required for day-to-day operations.

The strategic partnership between OMV and Schlumberger started in 2020. A new solution integrates the results from drilling projects into a single, shared database, allowing teams in all areas –operations, geology, petrophysics, or completions – to work across the same platform, with the most up-to-date data and insights at their fingertips. In 2021, well-planning teams in Romania and Austria were able to access and visualize offset-well data more easily, without having to research past reports. As a result, eight wells were mapped out in the time it would normally take to plan one.

Improving the safety of personnel in areas of higher risk exposure is a key objective for the use of robots. They can complete repetitive tasks more precisely and quickly than their human counterparts. In addition, they offer operational benefits since they can perform tasks where personnel have limited opportunity to intervene, particularly in hard-to-reach areas. In 2021, an autonomous inspection robot was tested in Austria, and there are plans to deploy it at other OMV E&P assets, too.

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